Beat the Summer Heat With Allen Ginsberg's Cold Borscht Recipe

Allen Ginsberg/Photo © CC/Michiel Hendryckx/Wikipedia
Allen Ginsberg/Photo © CC/Michiel Hendryckx/Wikipedia

One drawback to being a Beat poet: The career was so rarely accompanied by central air conditioning. Now we know one of Allen Ginsberg's tricks to keeping cool: his handwritten vegetarian borscht recipe, which will definitely impress your friends if they're the type who read and happen to like beets. Way healthier than anything Burroughs ever cooked up, I'm sure.

The casual observer might not notice, but one of the major changes in the latest generation of Broadway musicals is the rhyming. The old-schoolers like Sondheim determined that everything should rhyme exactly, but today's pop musicals are willing to fudge it in favor of getting the message across. Does it really make that big of a difference? According to the article, it's truly an area of contention among the inner circle of successful playwrights.

If you already find the differences between New York and L.A. to be a major culture shock, then just wait until you step into an A.A. meeting. The author Blake Nelson would like to share his observations on the variety of experiences to be had by recovering addicts who bounce between coasts. Sounds to me like there could be an entire book in this idea: a sort of Zagat guide to local recovery culture!

It's been a while since I thrust a podcast at you. Since it's hot outside, here's a manageable assignment: We Have Such Films to Show You is a series devoted entirely to the nine "Hellraiser" films, hosted by two incredibly well-versed (but non-rhyming) fans of the movies that put Clive Barker in the rare tier of authors who adapt and direct their own work to the screen. And because I am a completist, here is a video tutorial to help you achieve the perfect "Pinhead" special-effects makeup. Halloween's just five months away, better start practicing now.