Vintage Polish Movie Posters Paint a Whole New Picture of Hollywood Classics

The Return of the Pink Panther by Edward Lutczyn
The Return of the Pink Panther by Edward Lutczyn

Even though they were watching all our movies, the Polish had a very different approach to advertising them. This collection of forty-five painted posters contains so many gems that picking just one for your new cover photo will prove impossible. Maybe we should be letting Poland handle all the movie remakes. At least then we'd be guaranteed something new!

Who says the fairy tale genre is played out? A writer at The Hairpin has composed Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman, a collection of fanciful stories that maybe one day our descendants will tell about the olden days. Let's get some woodcut illustrations for these, pronto.

In other conceptual hijinks, Laughing Squid presents a fantasy product that's so hot it's cool, and so cool it's hot. That's right, these are Pop-Tarts featuring frosted Han Solo in carbonite! Each little toaster pastry is like a collectible Harrison Ford figurine, with a fun fruity center. Like the Tauntaun sleeping bag before it, I suspect this product could teeter on the threshold of actually  manifesting in the real world.

Most sci-fi fans know that "Blade Runner" has suffered a confounding number of cuts and re-cuts over the years, with several different official versions having been released. Now the plot thickens: via the magic of YouTube, you can now see all the film's deleted and alternate scenes laid out in chronological order. Feel free to edit them into the existing versions and create your own signature remix! Or just watch below: