Sean Young Sets Sights on 'Blade Runner' Prequel from Perch Within 'Jug Face'

Sean Young in ‘Blade Runner’/Image © Warner Bros

Sean Young self-identifies as "one of the most beautiful women in the world" and might boycott the upcoming "Blade Runner" prequel if they don't invite her to appear in it. She's also having a yard sale. These are but a few of the amazing points of conversation in this interview with the notoriously eccentric actress about her new horror film, "Jug Face." Having recently watched her in the abysmal 1995 comedy "Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde," I can totally see how she might be slightly better suited toward Appalachian horror movies.

We all knew there would be some kind of wacky media circus surrounding the mainstream release of a porn-star biopic, but who could have expected this? Arrow Productions, the company that produced the original "Deep Throat" adult film, is suing "Lovelace" for $10 million citing copyright infringement over its use of Linda Lovelace's name in the title -- to which they hold the trademark. They're sure to have the same beef with the Malin Akerman vehicle "Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story." It just drives home how exploitative the adult film industry really is: Linda gained fame and notoriety, but at the end of the day she didn't even own her own name.

When Stanley Kubrick made "Barry Lyndon" in 1975, he had special low-light lenses developed that would allow him to capture what life actually looked like in the manors and countrysides of eighteenth-century Europe. Now those same lenses are available to be rented by, well, anyone! Probably quite pricey, but it's nice to know that the gear is all out there just waiting to be put to good use again. I wonder if they rent by the hour, and maybe I could just hold them up to my eyes?

I don't know whether you noticed, but a lot of books have been popping up with titles like The (x)'s Daughter, with x standing in for some sort of professional title. You know: The Vet's Daughter, The Apothecary's Daughter, and so forth. This writer noticed, and has fully charted the trend. The data she's amassed is simultaneously incredibly thorough and incredibly entertaining. I wonder what next year's trend will be? I'm betting on supernatural entities and kitchen utensils: The Devil's Whisk, The Kraken's Candy Thermometer.