Counterpoint: Jack Nicholson is NOT Retiring From Acting

Jack Nicholson © 360b

Yesterday the movie world was abuzz over reports that 76 year old "The Shining" star Jack Nicholson had retired from acting. It seems there is conflicting information on the subject: E! is reporting (by way of Maria Shriver, natch) that Nicholson is still very much in the game, and is "actively reading scripts." Now no one knows what to believe, and nothing short of a live national address will stop the rumors. In fact, why isn't he making those all the time?

Hayao Miyazaki really is retiring, but there is enough sheer adorableness in his films to power the internet for decades to come. Buzzfeed has a list (of course) of twenty of Miyazaki's cutest supporting creatures. Dibs on Turnip-Head from "Howl's Moving Castle," I like a guy who smiles and doesn't say much.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" might have been a sci-fi action film, but to Simon Pegg it was just another opportunity to get laughs. The comedian's running prank on-set was convincing the actors they had to wear a special "Neutron Cream" in the laser room to avoid neural damage. Scroll down to see the video of Zoe Saldana and other cast-mates falling for it like a bunch of suckers!

If you're looking for fancy headgear inspired by Mary Shelley and J.K. Rowling  (and honestly, who isn't?) check out the millinery at House of Wormwood. Drool over the galleries and start planning your Halloween costume accordingly!