Digital Future: 'Anchorman 2' Was Paramount's Final 35mm Release

Will Ferrell in ‘Anchorman 2’/Image © Paramount Pictures

Editor's Note: The digital future of film, Sherlock's meeting tete-a-tete, and more in our daily roundup.

Paramount has officially foregone distributing films on 35mm -- that makes "Anchorman 2" the last of their releases to be circulated as an actual film print, making way for a fully digital program. It was a funny movie, but that's a pretty anticlimactic end to a filmmaking technique and delivery system that took nearly a century to perfect.

Speaking of future technology, the best thing about this week's Blu-ray release of "Machete Kills" is that it properly paves the way for "Machete Kills Again ... In Space!" Yes, that's a real film in which our haggard hero will wander into "Moonraker" territory. Bond might have been smoother, but Machete has Lady Gaga. Decline in album sales notwithstanding, she manages to steal every single scene in "Machete Kills," and could have a legit future as a film villainess. Watch the trailer below!

Want to go on an old head-trip in a brand-new way? You've got to see what scenes from"Fight Club" look like with Tyler Durden digitally removed. Sure, it undermines the tension and ambiguity in Chuck Palahniuk's storyline, but there's something very satisfying about seeing the film's events as they might have looked to a casual bystander.

Fighting words from the AV Club, who have declared that NBC's "Elementary" has surpassed BBC's "Sherlock" in quality, making it the preferred modern Arthur Conan Doyle adaptation. I am inclined to agree, but can't help wondering if the decision was just a tiny bit swayed by fear of an ass-kicking via "Elementary" star Lucy Liu. Either way, with two great detective shows running neck-and-neck, it would seem that everyone wins.