The Maze Runner Full Trailer Does Not Disappoint

Scene from ‘The Maze Runner’/Image © Ben Rothstein/Twentieth Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox revealed the full trailer for "The Maze Runner," the highly anticipated film based on the young adult novel of the same name by author James Dashner, last night on MTV during its popular supernatural drama, "Teen Wolf" (which not coincidentally stars "Maze Runner" lead Dylan O'Brien).

The trailer has a distinctly menacing air uneasily reminiscent of Vincenzo Natali's 1997 psychological horror/sci-fi film "Cube." Here, though, fans of Dashner's novel will undoubtedly recognize our caged victim as The Maze Runner's hero Thomas: a prisoner of a mysterious institution known as the Glade. Thomas, like all of the young men inhabiting the Glade, has no memory of a life before his arrival. Who, or what, built the Glade is as big of a mystery as why or how they were chosen as its captives, but unlike some of his fellow prisoners, Thomas refuses to accept his fate as a permanent resident. An escape may be a possible, but to do so, he'll have to survive the monster-haunted labyrinth that surrounds the Glade.

"The Maze Runner" will be director Wes Ball's first feature film. The majority of Ball's prior work has been in special effects and art direction for television, as well as two major features: "Star Trek" (2009) and "Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant" (2010).  Ball may seem like an unlikely choice for a film like "The Maze Runner," but his visual effects background will bolster his relative inexperience as a director. The script was written by Emmy-winning television writer and producer Noah Oppenheim. More recently, Oppenheim is rumored to have been commissioned to adapt George Orwell's genre-defining dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four for Imagine Entertainment.

The Maze Runner is scheduled for a September 19, 2014 release.