Steven Soderbergh Presents 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' in Black and White

Harrison Ford in 'The Raiders of the Lost Ark'/Image © 1981 Lucasfilm, Ltd

Editor's Note: Steven Soderbergh shares a new take on "The Raiders of the Lost Ark," Huffington Post offers insight into Banned Books Week, and more in today's roundup.

Steven Soderbergh's website Extension 765 would like you to look at a classic film from the eighties as if it were a classic from a much earlier era. The site is hosting a version of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" that's been rendered in black and white as a way of showing off cinematographer Douglas Slocombe's incredible Oscar-nominated work. (While you're there, you can also buy Soderbergh's clapper from "The Knick" for half a grand.)

Banned Books Week is an annual reminder of the way history has redeemed certain titles that were deemed too risky in their time. HuffPo's handy infographic explains what got banned and why, and which places today are the most censorship-heavy. In case you're curious, the list of authors most frequently banned since 2013 includes Toni Morrison, Dav Pilkey, and Suzanne Collins.

The uproar over Milo Manara's recent Spider-Woman cover illustration has resonated throughout the comics world, eliciting a lot of support for the artist as well as condemnation. He's gonna need those fans: Marvel is putting the sixty-nine-year-old Italian artist in the cooler, canceling his upcoming covers for two different titles. It's not clear yet whether he'd already finished the illustrations; whomever replaces him will surely think twice before leaving Thor's buttocks hanging in the wind.

For the sake of experimentation, I went ahead and clicked the big red button on Netflix's "Spoil Yourself" feature, which threatens to beam you straight to some of the biggest spoilers in television and film. I was treated to clips from "My Girl" and "World War Z," which I'd luckily already seen. However, the feelings of anticipation and dread as I clicked were quite memorable. Consider it a cinematic version of Russian roulette, and flinch accordingly.