The Search for Pennywise: Cary Fukunaga Still Seeking Villain for IT Remake

Cary Fukunaga/Photo: CC/Jenna Bascom/Flickr

Editor's Note: From the casting troubles of Cary Fukunaga to the tweets of Jaden Smith, we've got it all covered in today's Daily Blunt.

The "IT" remake begins filming this summer, but Cary Fukunaga is still missing a vital component: Pennywise the dancing clown, played with unforgettable zeal by Tim Curry in the 1990 miniseries. Which Hollywood dynamo has the range to play a clown/vampire/werewolf/spider/alien with a sick sense of humor? Pardon me, Mr. Fukunaga, but this is exactly why we have Tilda Swinton.

Further cementing her status as one of the coolest humans alive, Oscar-winner Toni Collette has agreed to darken our upcoming holiday season in a film inspired by the recently reinvigorated Krampus mythology. Her co-star in this monstrosity is Adam Scott of "Parks and Rec" fame, so between the two of them you know there will be some big laughs mixed in with the floggings and fangs.

Will Smith has learned the hard way that no one is interested in him and son Jaden Smith as a package deal, describing "After Earth" as the most painful failure of his career. In the new "Independence Day" movie, his son will be played by Jessie Usher instead, freeing the younger Smith to devote himself to "Karate Kid 2" and compose esoteric, oddly capitalized tweets about the limits of human consciousness.

Yet another career reboot is in the works: embattled director Bryan Singer has been quite busy concluding his "X-Men" franchise, but he can't hide there forever. It appears he's signed with Fox to adapt Robert Heinlein's 1966 novel The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress, one of many old school sci-fi titles that's been snapped up in the last year (he's also the executive producer of "Black Box," which is slowly restoring the genre's credibility on the small screen). And those sexual molestation charges? Dismissed, and his accuser now faces unrelated wire fraud charges of his own.