'Roots' Remake Will Air on Three Different Channels

Roots © Warner Bros. Home Video

To ensure the revival of Alex Haley's inter-generational slavery saga receives the widest possible audience, the upcoming mini-series will be aired on three different networks: Lifetime, A&E, and History (the latter of which actually produced it). The original 1977 production won nine Emmys -- if the new version catches on, how will they divvy up the spoils? Meanwhile, original series star LeVar Burton will be returning, but this time as an executive producer.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers is likely to be serialized for TV as well, by producer Neil Moritz. But here's the question: will it be a shrewd send-up of fascist propaganda, as in Paul Verhoeven's 1997 film -- or will it be a mere adventure story, in line with most Americans' misinterpretation of that film? Heinlein's not here to comment, and Verhoeven's got bigger fish to fry in the gaming industry.

While we're lingering over the past, let's spend a moment reflecting on one of literature's most undersung heroines: Nancy Drew, whose franchise turned 85 years old this week. The Mary Sue makes a case for Drew's stories as an early inspiration for everything from Wonder Woman to Katniss Everdeen: "The concept of a strong girl hero is no longer unusual. Nancy Drew is the reason." May she enjoy yet another 85 years of mystery, intrigue, and occasional parental supervision!

For a while there, Disney seemed determined to scare us out of our britches. Nerdist revels in the Mouse House's angsty period, from "The Black Hole" to "Watcher in the Woods." And speaking of "The Black Cauldron," when are we getting a proper film adaptation of Lloyd Alexander's Prydain series? The books deserve a "Lord of the Rings" sized budget (though after those last few "Hobbit" films, we'll hold out for a fresh director).