Steve Hamilton’s ‘Second Life of Nick Mason’ Heading to Hollywood

According to an exclusive report from Deadline Hollywood, Lionsgate has preemptively purchased the rights to the next book by bestselling writer Steven Hamilton, called The Second Life of Nick Mason. Lionsgate is hoping to build a franchise around this first in a projected series of books from the acclaimed author.

Steven Hamilton made headlines earlier this month when St. Martin’s Press announced that the publisher and author were parting ways after a seventeen-year partnership. Following bids from ten publishers, Hamilton signed a four-book deal with G.P. Putnam’s Sons. The Second Life of Nick Mason was originally slated for publication this fall, but with the move to Putnam, a spring 2016 release is now expected. Steven Hamilton has built his reputation as one of the most acclaimed mystery writers in the world, and is one of only two authors to receive the Edgar Awards for both best first novel (A Cold Day in Paradise) and best novel (The Lock Artist).

The Second Life of Nick Mason will center on longtime career criminal Nick Mason, released from prison after serving only five years of a twenty-five-year sentence. Mason finds himself living a new life in a condo on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago. However, his seemingly perfect luck is not what it seems. While in prison, Mason made a deal with ruthless crime lord, Darius Cole, who saw to Mason’s release in exchange for Mason’s unquestioning allegiance. Mason finds himself as a fixer for Cole, sorting out various problems – from robbery to murder and beyond – that come the crime lord’s way. Mason must now avoid the tenacious cops who put him in prison in the first place, find a way to reconnect with his estranged daughter, and get out from under the thumb of Darius Cole. The Second Life of Nick Mason will be the first of Hamilton’s novels adapted to the big screen.