Introducing: Signature, Making Well-Read Sense of the World

Since 2012, it has been Signature’s privilege to give biography and memoir readers a place to call home. We’ve been humbled by the vibrant community you’ve helped us create. At the same time, you may have noticed that conversations on Signature have naturally evolved beyond biographies and memoirs. We’ve been welcoming all kinds of narrative nonfiction into our folds – from politics to history, science, and beyond.

As of November 23, 2015, Biographile has changed its name to Signature. In renaming and redesigning the site, we’re formalizing the new breadth of our coverage. Our goal at Signature is simple: to make well-read sense of the world. We believe that books remain at the core of what educates and inspires us, and can be used to help us better grasp the world in which we live.

Whether the headlines of tomorrow are consumed by a financial crisis, a blockbusting movie, a scientific breakthrough, or an election, there are books steeped in those subjects to help further your understanding of it all. We want to bring those books to you, through essays, interviews, recommendations, opinion pieces, writing advice, and more.

We’re excited to get started, and hope you will join us. Beyond the new name and broader coverage, we’ve redesigned the homepage and site navigation. We like what we’ve done with the place, but your feedback means everything to us. Please take a second to tell us what you think at