Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

In Act IV of Hamlet, in the throes of her madness, Ophelia responds to Claudius with a moment of unusual clarity: My Lord, we know what we are, but know not what we may be.

At this point in the play, Ophelia has become undone by the death of her father and the unrequited love of Hamlet. So, yes, she’s a little biased. But her words also hold deeper meaning, capturing the precarious balance of identity all humans, in and out of Shakespeare plays, try desperately to maintain.

After all, one minute you could be a hero pledging fealty to a fair King, the next minute three witches can set you spiraling on a course of bloodthirsty destruction. On Thursday, you could be the soy latte type, then the weekend comes and you’re ordering flat whites like nothing happened. Given the right conditions, what you’re capable of becoming — whether driven by ambition, forced by fate, or jonesing for caffeine — can carry you far from your former self. Change is inevitable, of course, so it’s best to embrace it and leave it to the gods to grasp why flat whites and witches are so influential.

In the spirit of identity crises and new beginnings, we ask you to unmoor the anchors of your self-hood for a second and play the game you didn’t know you needed until now: Which Shakespeare Character Are You?

Follow the GIF below to our Facebook page, where a roulette of 26 Shakespeare characters spin before you. Will you suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, living out your days as Bottom with an ass for a head? Or will you become such stuff as dreams are made on, living and loving with class and mascara like the almighty Cleopatra? Click once, and stare your fate squarely in the eyes, for fearless minds climb soonest into crowns.

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