Video: Angela Lansbury Reprises ‘Beauty and the Beast’ for Live Audience

Angela Lansbury/Still via YouTube

Editor's Note:

Angela Lansbury reprises one of our favorite of her movie moments, the Eat, Pray, Love story continues with a statement from Elizabeth Gilbert, and more in today’s Daily Blunt. Enjoy!

At an age when most actors have settled (comfortably or otherwise) into retirement, Angela Lansbury continues to storm the screen and stage. The ninety-year-old actress appeared in person at a screening celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of “Beauty and the Beast,” treating fans to a live rendition of her Oscar-winning song of the same name. Apparently Lansbury was reluctant to record the song back in 1990 when the fairy-tale adaptation was being made because of the toll aging had taken on her voice. Now over two decades later, the song is still undeniably hers. Enjoy the video below!

And now for a real-life twist ending to Eat Pray Love: Elizabeth Gilbert’s marriage to the Brazilian businessman José Nunes, a romance she documented in her bestselling book, has ended. In its place, a new one has begun — in a heartfelt statement, Gilbert has disclosed that she is now romantically involved with her close female friend and fellow author, Rayya Elias. The couple could use plenty of support and understanding, since Elias is also currently battling cancer. As Gilbert wrote in a Facebook post commenting on these events: “Truth is the force that guides us to where we need to be in life, but love is the power that heals us once we arrive there.”

Of all the unlikely tributes, somehow H.P. Lovecraft’s classic tale about reanimation-obsessed mad scientist Herbert West became an 1980s cult-film phenomenon — and it’s not over yet. A remake/sequel is in the works, aiming for a plot that’s somewhat more faithful to Lovecraft’s original story (while presumably still paying homage to the goopy gross-outs of the ’85 film). While it’s still unclear whether any of that film’s cast will return, they’ve already snared Brad Dourif (a true thespian who somehow became most famous for the “Child’s Play” series). What more can a pedigreed genre film ask for?

Mark Twain’s writing speaks for itself, but surely Nick Offerman’s genial baritone can’t hurt? The “Parks and Recreation” actor has lent his voice to an upcoming audio edition of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and as evidenced by this new promo clip, it’s a match made in heaven. Hey, any chance we can convince Offerman to revive Hal Holbrook’s one-man show about Twain? In the meantime, this new audiobook is already available  in its entirety via Audible.