RIP: Janis Joplin Biopic Starring Amy Adams Has Been Scrapped

Janis Joplin/Photo: CC/Wikipedia

Editor's Note:

The Amy Adams-starring Janis Joplin biopic isn’t happening – and director Jean-Marc Vallée isn’t sad about it. This and more in today’s Daily Blunt.

Buried in the good news about Jean-Marc Vallée adapting Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects into a new HBO series starring Amy Adams is a tidbit about a project that never made it to the starting gate. After years of legal red tape, it appears the duo’s long-awaited Janis Joplin biopic has officially hit the skids. The director alludes to this in his account of how he ended up working on HBO’s “Sharp Objects” and “Big Little Lies” simultaneously, blithely referring to “the Janis [Joplin] project that we’re finally not doing.” Adams is in good company as an ex-aspiring-Joplin — Zooey Deschanel and rock star Pink preceded her in considerations for the role.

Not only is David Cronenberg’s “Eastern Promises” finally getting a sequel, but it’s happening fast: Filming is scheduled to begin as soon as March. Apparently picking up where the original film left off, the new script will follow Viggo Mortensen’s character deeper into the world of London’s Russian mafia. So far no one knows for sure whether Cronenberg or Mortensen are officially involved, but the latter especially would have to be insane not to dip back into this role: It earned him best actor consideration in 2007’s Oscars.

A Scottish poet’s new work heralding the inauguration of Donald Trump was mistakenly believed by many to be intended for official ceremonial use, but that’s not the case. Snopes has clarified that the poem (which alludes to Trump’s predecessor as “a tyrant”) was an unsolicited, independently created work. However, it’s easy to see how some could have gotten the impression that it might be incorporated in the ceremony: When the poem was published online, it was “accompanied by instructions for how it would theoretically be presented if it were used at the inauguration.”

The inaugural protests gathering across the country will take many forms. Anthropologists, for one, are organizing lectures and readings drawing from the collected writings of philosopher Michel Foucault under the title Society Must Be Defended. In a post on Savage Minds, two of these organizers explain their concerns about the way anti-Trump resistance is manifesting: “We worry that by focusing on needing to change what we are doing and how we are doing it we lose sight of what we already do really well. We work to understand the world through research, teaching, writing and reading.” Just like Foucault’s writing itself, these forms of activism never go out of style.