How Trump’s Election Inspired William Gibson to Rewrite His New Book

Donald Trump/Photo: CC/Shealah Craighead/Flickr

Editor's Note:

The closest thing you’ll find to literary Trump news comes from William Gibson. This and lots more in today’s Daily Blunt!

William Gibson assumed he knew what Agency, “both a sequel and a prequel” to his 2014 book The Peripheral, was all about. Then Donald Trump was elected president over the anticipated winner, Hillary Clinton, and this sent the visionary sci-fi author back to the drawing board, crafting an alternate timeline in which Clinton became the forty-fifth U.S. president. “I assumed that if Trump won, I’d be able to shift a few things and continue to tell my story,” he explained to The New York Times. Instead, he ended up rewriting that entire storyline to incorporate a time-travel element that will offer readers an entirely different (yet eerily familiar) slice of twenty-second century life.

Before you dismiss “Jurassic World 2” as just another money-grubbing sequel, keep in mind where that money is going: Some of it will end up in the pockets of Jeff Goldblum, who has signed on for his first romp with dinos since 1997’s “The Lost World.” Goldblum joins fellow original-franchise-survivor B.D. Wong (the latter poised to serve as the upcoming film’s villain), but don’t expect them to run into Sam Neill while roaming around in the jungle – it sounds like Neill would rather leave fans with the impression that his character Alan Grant died of more natural causes.

Don’t call it a comeback – we don’t want Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven to feel pressured to keep up the pace he set with last year’s “Elle.” That being said, last year’s success has nudged Verhoeven right back into the saddle, with news breaking that his new film, “Blessed Virgin,” will start shooting this fall. Here’s where it gets interesting: The film is inspired by the history book Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy, which recounts the life of “a 17th century mystic whose claims of visions led to an investigation by the Church that uncovered her sexual relationship with another nun.” This sounds like classic Verhoeven in the making – the gravitas of “Black Book” meets the lurid exploitation of “Showgirls.” Truly something for everyone!

Here’s a twist on the classic “Save our bookstore!” story: London’s Big Green Bookshop is the beneficiary of a viral crowdfunding campaign that has supporters placing orders from afar … via Twitter, of all things. This inventive use of social media will give book retailers something to think about in years to come, as business models continue to shift and adapt. You may recall that BGB was also recently in the news for inspiring J.K. Rowling fans to tweet the first Harry Potter book at Piers Morgan in its entirety (in the wake of a Twitter feud between the two authors), so it seems the store’s destiny has been intertwined with the social media giant from the very beginning. For now, that story has a happy ending.