5 Reasons Weird Humor Is Essential Every Day

All illustrations © Siobhan Gallagher

Editor's Note:

Siobhán Gallagher is an illustrator and book designer living in New York City. Her illustrations and graphic design work have been featured in publications such as Bustle, US Weekly, Huffington Post, and Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter. She has released several zines, draws every day, smiles at children and very old people, daydreams about owning a dog, and spends a lot of time on her roof. Her book, In a Daze Work, is now available.

Since adolescence, I have been an anxious person. Worrywartball of anxietyNervous Nellie … whatever adorable nickname you assign it: I’m a worrier. There is a constant sense of unease running in my mind, whether it’s over something innocuous like having to make a phone call, or more all-encompassing like thinking of climate change. I am constantly walking the line between guilt over the past or dread for the future but one way I’ve been able to personally alleviate the stress of modern life (or at least balance out the bad with the good) is by looking for humor in life’s dull moments.

sgallagher02-smWhile waiting in line for groceries or walking to the train or whatever you’re doing, it is important to take a second and appreciate the weird humor in everyday activities. If you want to say sane, it’s crucial to have a sense of humor. Here’s why.
sgallagher03-sm1. It’s scary to take in the world all at once. By focusing on it all little by little, you can notice and appreciate the little things. That’s where the best bits are anyway.

2. When you laugh, you’re in on the joke. So laugh.

sgallagher05-sm3. All the world’s a stage and guess what? There’s audience participation.

4. When you find humor in the mundane, it’s like you’re let in on a little secret you definitely won’t keep.


sgallagher07sm5. You can’t script reality so learn to appreciate improvisation.