Pets and Their People: The 10 Best Animal Books to Read Now

Photo © Shutterstock

Check out anyone’s social media feed, and chances are good it’s as full of pets as it is of kids. In the last few decades, we have developed an intimacy with our domesticated animals that’s pretty much unprecedented; witness how we now give them human names as opposed to the “Smokey,” “Fluffy,” and “Spot” monikers of yesteryear, and how canine and feline diets are often as organic and carb-conscious as our own. As an unabashed cat lady – though I prefer the sultrier, less-spinster-like title of “cat woman” – I see no problem with this trend. Animals provide unconditional love; animals remind us to stay present; animals never ignore our text messages. And judging from these wonderful books about the relationships between humans and animals, I’m not alone in my animal passions. (Note: These books make excellent gifts for the misanthrope in your life.)