Former Google Career Pro Jenny Blake Talks Work, Life, and More

Jenny Blake/Photo © Mark Hanauer

What comes next? This is a question that we all have asked ourselves at some time or another. Even when we have a goal in mind, we might not know what steps to take to get where we want to be. Jenny Blake – a former career development specialist at Google who now runs her own company as a career strategist and speaker – believes that there’s a simple solution to help individuals achieve greater success: Pivot.

Jenny explains how pivoting is a great strategy for anyone looking to make a change in their work life, whether it’s moving up within a company, or changing direction altogether. She encourages everyone to take control of their lives (and their careers) by making smaller, more stable leaps, and highly recommends thinking about your career in “ten-percent projects,” with small pilots that you can manage and complete.

Jenny joined Lindsay of Beaks & Geeks to discuss her newest book, Pivot, as well as her goals in writing the book. The conversation spans serious business, fun projects, and more. Tune in to the episode below to hear Lindsay and Jenny chat about work, life, and everything in-between.