The Law of the Land: 10 Best Books to Understand the Constitution

As I write this, our country is once again reeling over a mass shooting. Such events have become tragically frequent, as has the debate about the legitimacy of the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution, commonly referred to as “the right to bear arms.” But when that amendment is unpacked, it can be interpreted as the right to arm a militia in the shadow of tyranny – in the spirit of the United States’ liberation from British rule, essentially – rather than an assertion that guns in individual hands actually are an unalienable right. Similarly, in the wake of the Trump presidency, many other questions around U.S. constitutional law also have become alarmingly relevant – freedom of the press and freedom of religion, especially. But the list goes on, and with it, the mounting revelation that few fully understand this document forming the backbone of our jeopardized democracy. Here are some books that may help clarify matters.