The Perfect Gift Book Guide to Make Your Holiday Shopping Easier

Photo by Mark Rabe on Unsplash

One thing’s for sure: The holidays can be extremely overwhelming. There’s so much pressure to find the perfect gifts for loved ones, and when your schedule is hectic, there’s never enough time to shop.

Not sure what to get your family or friends? We’re here to help – we’ve taken the time to compile a gift guide for you (and everyone you know). Spanning cookbooks, journals, novels, and more, these books will make great gifts for everyone you hold dear this holiday season.

  • For the Journaler: 

  • The cover of the book The Book of Joy Journal

    The Book of Joy Journal

    A 365-Day Companion

    The very gifty companion to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s The Book of Joy, The Book of Joy Journal pulls inspirational quotes from the aforementioned book to truly make their practices a part of your everyday life in a very simple and easy way. Passionate readers of The Book of Joy will love this journal, as will casual lovers of inspirational quotes and words. This is the perfect gift with which to kick off the new year.

  • The cover of the book The Daily Stoic Journal

    The Daily Stoic Journal

    366 Days of Writing and Reflection on the Art of Living

    This beautiful hardcover journal is for anyone that’s seeking peace and clarity in our crazy world. Each page encourages the release of stress through writing, with space for notes on thoughts throughout the day, while promoting Stoic philosophy to inspire deep reflection and meditation. If you know someone that’s constantly stressed out, the Daily Stoic Journal couldn’t be better for them.

  • For the Amateur Chef: 

  • The cover of the book Martha Stewart's Newlywed Kitchen

    Martha Stewart's Newlywed Kitchen

    Recipes for Weeknight Dinners and Easy, Casual Gatherings

    Everyone loves a good cookbook – especially couples that want to step up their game in the kitchen. Martha Stewart’s Newlywed Kitchen contains more than 100 recipes for newlyweds, or any couple that’s looking to cook more for family and friends. It’ll make a great gift, it will kill two birds with one stone, and you may even get a home-cooked meal out of it, so what’s left to think about?

  • The cover of the book Downtime


    Deliciousness at Home

    Nadine Levy Redzepi’s hyper-giftable cookbook blurs the lines between everyday and special occasion cooking. Married to Noma’s Rene Redzepi, Nadine early on had to learn to bend her cooking style in a flexible manner from day to day, because she never knew who might show up for dinner. Her cookbook, however, is for chefs of all levels, so don’t be intimidated—the idea is for it to look hard, but actually be quite easy (and fun).

  • The cover of the book MasterChef Junior Cookbook

    MasterChef Junior Cookbook

    Bold Recipes and Essential Techniques to Inspire Young Cooks

    We all know a child that dreams of being a chef. This Masterchef Junior Cookbook will help them achieve their goals with 100 recipes inspired by dishes made by contestants on the television show. In addition to recipes, this adorable cookbook contains helpful techniques, tips, and advice that will allow young chefs to enhance their skills. With this book, your child (or someone else’s) will be whipping up impressive, tasty dishes in no time.

  • For the Voracious Reader: 

  • The cover of the book Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures: Volume 1

    Louis L'Amour's Lost Treasures: Volume 1

    Unfinished Manuscripts, Mysterious Stories, and Lost Notes from One of theWorld's Most Popular Novelists

    This hefty volume contains twenty-one unpublished gems from the king of Westerns. Compiled by Beau L’Amour, this first volume of lost treasures is something of a guided tour through a variety of unpublished and unfinished works by Louis L’Amour, from a work on the Trail of Tears to a Western horror story. Fans of Louis L’Amour will delight in diving into a side of the writer they’ve never seen before.

  • The cover of the book Lincoln in the Bardo

    Lincoln in the Bardo

    A Novel

    The fiction lover in your life is likely to have already gotten their hands on George Saunders’s Man Booker-winning first novel, Lincoln in the Bardo, but if they haven’t, this book is certain to be on the top of their wish list this holiday season. Taking place over the course of a single night in a graveyard, Lincoln in the Bardo imagines a grief-stricken Abraham Lincoln’s return to the crypt in which his eleven-year-old son was buried in February of 1862. It’s a premise that only the likes of Saunders could pull off. If you’ve got an audiobook lover in your life, this is the way to go as well–the 166-person full cast features award-winning actors and musicians galore.

  • For the Visually Inclined: 

  • The cover of the book Vogue Living: Country, City, Coast

    Vogue Living: Country, City, Coast

    This glamorous coffee table book is a collection of photographs of remarkable homes that have appeared within the pages of Vogue over the past decade. Containing more than 400 full-color photographs of homes and gardens, along with luscious illustrations, this is the perfect gift for the designer, architect, or aesthete in your life.

  • The cover of the book Botanicals


    100 Postcards from the Archives of the New York Botanical Garden

    This collection of 100 boxed postcards is a gorgeous gift for plant lovers everywhere. The cards display vivid portraits of rare exotic flowers, cacti and succulents from the world-renowned collection of the NY Botanical Garden. The brightly colored postcards can be used for home decoration and DIY projects, or mailed to someone to remind them of how much they mean to you.

  • The cover of the book Sneakers


    Sneakers have become a huge part of our culture – some people cannot get enough. This book goes behind the scenes to show readers the creative process behind the creation of a pair of sneakers. Containing photographs and interviews with enthusiastic celebrities, Sneakers is a must-have for sneaker lovers and collectors, and for those interested in learning more about the 85-billion-dollar-a-year industry.

  • The cover of the book Beloved Dog

    Beloved Dog

    Maira Kalman’s lovingly illustrated Beloved Dog is the perfect gift for any dog lover. In this book, Kalman illustrates the dogs who appear in her beloved children’s books and in her own life. We could all stand to learn a thing or two from dogs, she argues, most importantly how to love unconditionally and deeply. “And it is very true,” she writes, “that the most tender, complicated, most generous part of our being blossoms without any effort, when it comes to the love of a dog.”

  • The cover of the book You & Me & Why We Are in Love

    You & Me & Why We Are in Love

    This cute and quirky collection of illustrations explore all variations of love, from the sweet and innocent to the hot and heavy. You & Me & Why We Are in Love doesn’t focus on who or what you love – because that doesn’t matter – but on how you love, and why. It’s a sweet, thoughtful gift for someone you love.

  • For the Nonfiction Lover: 

  • The cover of the book On Living

    On Living

    Drawing on her experience as a hospice chaplain, Kerry Egan offers life advice for everyone in On Living. She meditates on what she calls the “spiritual work of dying,” which involves reflecting on one’s life in a way that can be quite painful, but is ultimately fulfilling. This uplifting book is about coming to terms with your life, and learning to live it to the absolute fullest while you can.

  • The cover of the book You Can't Spell America Without Me

    You Can't Spell America Without Me

    The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as PresidentDonald J. Trump (A So-Called Parody)

    “I have the best words, beautiful words, as everybody has been talking and talking about for a long time.” You Can’t Spell America Without Me is a hilarious fake memoir written by Trump “scholar” Kurt Andersen and the famous Trump impersonator, Alec Baldwin. Give the gift of humor to the people who are (rightfully) furiously stressed out by Trump, his tweets, and his plans for this country.

  • For the Imbiber: 

  • The cover of the book Women's Libation!

    Women's Libation!

    Cocktails to Celebrate a Woman's Right to Booze

    Woman’s Libation! celebrates a “woman’s right to booze,” and contains 75 recipes for strong, imaginative cocktails! It’s the perfect gift for the strong, independent woman in your life that might enjoy a boozy beverage while learning more about feminist authors, artists, philosophers, revolutionaries.

  • The cover of the book Wine Folly

    Wine Folly

    The Essential Guide to Wine

    This unique infographic wine book is the perfect gift for the novice wine lover in your life. Designed by the creators of, Wine Folly will help wine lovers find the best wine possible while doing the least amount of work. And during the holidays, what could possibly be better than that?