Library Serves As Backdrop For Protest In ‘The Public’

From “The Public,” via Oriah Entertainment and Cedarvale Pictures

Editor's Note:

Also in the news: John Scalzi’s bestselling series heads to Netflix, and Emily Dickinson’s doughnuts head to a holiday party near you. It’s the Daily Blunt!

A new film written and directed by Emilio Estevez draws from current events to tell a story that could actually unfold in real life as temperatures continue to drop this winter. “The Public” focuses on a group of homeless people who, upon discovering Cincinnati shelters are full due to an impending Arctic blast, refuse to leave their local library. This simple act of defiance in the name of self-preservation turns out to have drastic and far-reaching consequences, as you will see in the trailer below. “The Public” has been selected to kick off the Santa Barbara Film Festival next month, and the cast includes Taylor Schilling, Michael K. Williams, Jena Malone, and many other intriguing names. With homelessness now quietly increasing across the US, these issues deserve to be discussed and explored in public view — hopefully Estevez’s new film will be the first of many in the near future to challenge perceptions on this front.

The next time you’re at the library, check to see if they have access to Hoopla, a lending service for comics and graphic novels that just added 250 Marvel titles to its catalog (already about 13,000 strong). Not only has the service been adopted by 1600 libraries across the country, it also offers unique options for viewing the material itself, such as “a feature the company calls ‘action view,’ which allows users to either read titles page-by-page or panel-by-panel.” Their monthly lending limits sound like a terrific way to get kids to speak those magic words: “When can we go back to the library?”

John Scalzi’s sci-fi series Old Man’s War is poised to enter the mainstream as Netflix has acquired the rights to develop it into an original film. With six books in the series to date, there’s no shortage of potential for what this project could become as Netflix continues to establish itself as a breakout studio hellbent on taking creative risks. In the meantime, Deadline also points out that Scalzi’s in cahoots with FX and Working Title on additional projects — no one can be certain of the future, but it’s safe to say the author’s time is booked up for many years to come.

Hopefully you’ll have more to celebrate this season than Emily Dickinson had — or at the very least, more people to share your coconut cake with. Recipes belonging to the famously solitary poet can be found over at LitHub, including doughnuts, gingerbread, and other holiday stalwarts. These are written in her own hand, but they’ve translated them easily copied and pasted text so that you don’t lose patience and send someone an Edible Arrangement instead (though if you do, Dickinson’s poetry would be perfect to include on the card).