The Best Books of January 2018: From Jojo Moyes to Dave Eggers

Every month, Signature combs through the upcoming releases to provide a look at the most exciting titles rounding the bend.

Start off 2018 on the right foot by stocking up on the very best new books. We’ve got new nonfiction from bestselling author Dave Eggers, (The Monk of Mokha), the latest installment to Karl Ove Knausgaard’s seasonal quartet (Winter), the latest book featuring Jojo Moyes’s iconic heroine Lisa Clark (Still Me), and exciting debuts from Sharon Bala and Sam Graham-Felsen.

So what are you waiting for? Put 2017 behind you for good, and get reading.

  • The cover of the book Green


    A Novel

    This coming-of-age story set in 1992 Boston tackles issues of race and class with grace and humor. It follows teenaged David Greenfield, one of the only white kids attending the Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. An unlikely friendship forms between David and Marlon Wellings when Marlon stands up for him in the cafeteria. Marlon lives down the block from David, in the public housing project, and soon they’re visiting each other after school and planning their routes to Harvard. But it’s not long before David must face the advantages he’s had, made blatant by the disadvantages Marlon’s had.

    Out January 2

  • The cover of the book Late Essays

    Late Essays


    Nobel Prize-winning author J.M. Coetzee examines the work of some of the world’s greatest writers from the past three centuries in these twenty-three essays. Coetzee’s clear and precise analyses of these international works demonstrate his mastery of the English language, and offer readers a new perspective on literature throughout the ages.

    Out January 2

  • The cover of the book The Music Shop

    The Music Shop

    A Novel

    When Ilse Brauchmann walks into the lively and homey music shop in a rundown suburb in 1988 and asks the shop owner to teach her about music, she doesn’t know that she’s begun a sequence of events that will change both of their lives forever. Frank, the owner, is great at connecting his customers with music, but is not so great at connecting with his customers himself. He’s afraid to open up to Ilse, but something about her encourages him to.

    Out January 2

  • The cover of the book The Afterlives

    The Afterlives

    A Novel

    Jim Byrd had a heart attack at the age of thirty and died – but only for a little while. After a few minutes with no heartbeat, the doctors revived Jim, giving him a second chance at life. Unlike others that have “crossed over,” Jim has no memory of the afterlife, and wonders if it even exists. Then a ghost shows up, and everything changes. Jim and his wife scramble to confront the mysterious specter in their midst, seeking answers about life after death.

    Out January 9

  • The cover of the book The Boat People

    The Boat People

    A Novel

    Sharon Bala’s timely debut novel follows a group of refugees who make it, by boat, from Sri Lanka to Vancouver. Instead of beginning the lives they hoped they’d lead after escaping bloody war, they are brought to a detention processing center. Hysteria mounts as rumors circulate that some among the five hundred refugees who arrived by boat are connected to known terrorists. Told from the perspectives of one of the refugees, his lawyer, and an adjucator, The Boat People tackles a subject that we all should be thinking about and working on, together, today.

    Out January 9

  • The cover of the book Gnomon


    A novel

    Named a Best Science Fiction Book of 2017 by The Guardian, Gnomon is set in “the safest society in history,” a.k.a., the most highly-monitored one. Citizens’ thoughts, memories, and every word are monitored by the System in the name of their safety. But when suspected dissident Diana Hunter dies in custody (something absolutely unprecedented), and state inspector Mielikki Neith is assigned to figure out what went wrong, the pieces of the carefully constructed world of Gnomon begin to come apart.

    Out January 9

  • The cover of the book The Immortalists

    The Immortalists

    Taking place in New York City in 1969, this breathtaking novel explores the lives of four adolescent siblings  – Simon, Klara, Varya,  Daniel – after hearing their fortunes from a traveling psychic. The prophecies predict the next few decades of their lives, and the day of their deaths – knowledge that comes with a heavy price. Will they be able to escape destiny, or is there no choice in the matter? Are we all subject to fate in the end?

    Out January 9

  • The cover of the book Everything Here Is Beautiful

    Everything Here Is Beautiful

    The bond between sisters is beautiful and resilient. Mira T. Lee examines the unique relationship in this compelling novel, which follows the story of two sisters – Miranda and Lucia – who are opposites of one another. Miranda is the older, responsible sister, while Lucia is wildly unpredictable due to her mental illness. One day, Lucia’s uncontrollable impulses cause her world to come crashing down, and Miranda comes to the rescue. Little does she know, Lucia doesn’t want to be saved. Everything Here is Beautiful is an unforgettable story of the sacrifices we make for the ones we love.

    Out January 16

  • The cover of the book Winter


    The second volume in Knausgaard’s seasonal quartet, Winter is a gorgeous, moving collection of letters and meditations addressed to his unborn daughter. Knausgaard looks at the world as if he is seeing it for the first time, finding pleasure in even the smallest and most familiar of things.

    Out January 23

  • The cover of the book The Girlfriend

    The Girlfriend

    A #1 bestseller in the U.K., Michelle Frances’s The Girlfriend is finding its way to the U.S. this month. It tells the story of successful career woman Laura, and the horrific misfortune that befalls her when her 23-year-old son’s girlfriend becomes envious of her life. You’ll never see your in-laws the same way again.

    Out January 30

  • The cover of the book Jefferson's Daughters

    Jefferson's Daughters

    Three Sisters, White and Black, in a Young America

    Catherine Kerrison’s Jefferson’s Daughters tells the untold story of Thomas Jefferson’s three daughters, Martha and Maria by his wife Martha Wayles Jefferson, and Harriet by his slave Sally Hemings. Kerrison examines the lives of Jefferson’s three daughters, and their path to establishing their unique identities, as a means of understanding the possibilities and limitations brought about by the American Revolution. To understand their stories is to understand the reality of American life at the time that they were alive.

    Out January 30

  • The cover of the book The Monk of Mokha

    The Monk of Mokha

    Bestselling author Dave Eggers is back with The Monk of Mokha, the remarkable true story of Muslim American Mokhtar Alkhanshali. Twenty-four years old, Mokhtar works as a doorman, unable to pay for college, until he becomes inspired to learn about the cultivation of coffee, and sets off to Yemen to do so. He visits Yemeni farmers across the country, determined to better their processes and help them bring their coffee back to the high standards that it used to be known for. But when civil war comes to Yemen in 2015, Mokhtar’s progress is forced to a halt, and he finds himself trapped in Yemen. Eggers’s latest is an exploration of Yemeni life, coffee, and the journey of one man bridging two worlds.

    Out January 30

  • The cover of the book Still Me

    Still Me

    A Novel

    #1 New York Times bestselling author Jojo Moyes has done it again with this new stunning book featuring Louisa Clark of Me Before You and After You. This time around, Louisa Clark is in New York, determined to embark on new adventures while maintaining her relationship with Sam – who is thousands of miles away. Louisa gets a taste of high society through her work and meets Joshua Ryan, a man that evokes strong feelings from her past. Louisa is caught between two worlds, and finds herself wondering where she truly belongs.

  • The cover of the book The Winter Station

    The Winter Station

    This work of historical fiction is set in 1910 Russia, specifically the Russian-ruled city of Kharbin, a major railway outpost in Northern China. When a deadly and mysterious plague wreaks havoc on Kharbin, Baron, a Russian aristocrat, takes it upon himself to get to the bottom of the deaths—and the mysteriously missing bodies. Based on a forgotten true story, The Winter Station is perfect for readers of historical fiction and lovers of thrillers.