How to Overcome Inner Challenges to Become a Successful Writer

Editor's Note:

Daniel Chidiac is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. He went on a journey of self-discovery after becoming awakened to his power over his own life and developed this program to share with others what he discovered inside himself. Who Says You Can’t? You Do was first published in 2012 and became an Amazon bestseller in eight different countries. Here, he shares tips for overcoming challenges as a writer.

I remember looking outside my bedroom window a few years ago and wondering if anyone would ever read my writing. When I first started putting pen to paper, I was a little naive as to what it would actually take to make my book a success. All I knew was that I had a burning desire to share the message inside me with the outside world. I had never been taught how to write, never took any writing courses, and definitely didn’t understand the process. I wrote simply to express myself. I couldn’t draw pictures, and the only time I thought I sang decently was in the shower. So, writing was the only way for me  to artistically express my thoughts and emotions. I wrote, and wrote, and wrote some more. This is what I learned about the writing process and what’s made me fearless in my pursuit of my dreams.

Just write.

This is the most beautiful process of all. This is the time when your soul should be free of any business-minded jargon for the book. Just write what you think. Some people have asked how I am able to write consistently and not suffer from writer’s block. The truth is, I am not always writing, and I do have times where I find it difficult to write. I’ll be the first to admit that occasionally, I’ll find anything to do that’ll keep me from writing. I will surf the web, ring up my friends to see who wants to get coffee, play tennis, etc. I procrastinate just like anyone else. But I have also learned that I cannot wait for inspiration to come to me; I have to demand it. I have to sit in front of my laptop and think. I do my best work when I lock myself in my room, away from distractions.

The best way for me to get inspired to write again is to read what I’ve written already and go from there. I don’t worry too much about “how to write.” Whether I am doing it right or wrong, or whether people will like what I am writing is not my concern in the initial creative process. Let all that expectation go and write what’s in your heart. If you think about it, writing is actually quite simple. All you have to do is write the way you think. If you can write down what you are thinking in its raw form without the worry of anything else, it will flow. Don’t forget: You’ll have the help of an editor after this part, so you can afford to make mistakes. Be the creative side and write your own way. For example, if I am thinking in my head, “I want to tell people that being persistent is the only way to really achieve anything great in life,” then I will write down, “Persistence is the only way to really achieve anything great in life.” Don’t make it more complicated than what it is. In saying that, this is what works for me as far as the writing part is concerned. Others have a unique way that works for them.


Take notes.

Write notes down everywhere you can. The Notes app on my iPhone is full. If I am at work, or out and about, and think of something I want to write about, I write it down very briefly and elaborate on it when I get home. Don’t take thoughts for granted. When they come to you, capture them. Whether you are writing fiction (my next book is fiction) or non-fiction, the same rules apply. Writing your book is a beautiful journey – it’s your inner journey. It’s going to be hard, and there will be times when you want to give up, but if you persist, amazing things will happen. I think it’s crucial to share snippets of your work on social media in the early stages, and tell people you are writing a book. Personally, telling people I was writing a book subconsciously held me accountable and made it more concrete. I felt like I had to deliver. It was also great to put the word out there in respect to marketing. You can hype it up, as long as it doesn’t tarnish your creativity. Remember, this time is for you to write, unfiltered.

There are going to be challenges along the way, but nothing in life that is great is easy. If it were easy, it wouldn’t be great. And let’s be honest, writing and releasing a book is a great achievement.