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Phoebe Robinson on Feminism and That ‘I Was Rooting For You’ Moment

Laugh and learn with this excerpt from Phoebe Robinson's new book. Who knew a quote from Tyra Banks could pack such a significant cultural punch?


Why Translating De Sade’s ‘120 Days of Sodom’ is Obscenely Difficult

Bringing De Sade's vulgarity to the English language, some of our favorite writers address a Trump Presidency, and more. Take it all in with your Daily Blunt.


Weekend Reading: What President Donald Trump Means So Far

This weekend, wrap your mind around Donald Trump, president-elect: Why were the polls were so off? Why are some American lives safer than others? And more.


Worst. President. Ever: Buchanan's 1856 Presidential Election

Robert Buchanan, author of Worst. President. Ever., discusses the 1856 presidential election, which rivaled that of 2016 in terms of chaos and malice.


Reading Will Make You a Smarter Voter

This is as much fact as it is prescription. If you’re planning on voting this November, go into it informed.


Weekend Reading: Kaine vs. Pence, the NSA, and More

This weekend, brush up on the role of the American vice president in the wake of the debate, keep up with the latest NSA scandal, and watch out for Hurricane Matthew.