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Cat Person Author Nets Million Dollar Book Deal

Also in the news: Andy Serkis changes the name of his Jungle Book film, and Orwell challenges Dickens's cred as a revolutionary. Welcome to the Daily Blunt!


‘Tis Also the Season For Sharing Ghost Stories

Also in the news: The woeful state of school segregation, and further thinking on "Cat Person." Welcome to your Daily Blunt!


Last-Minute Giving: 10 Books That Will Make Great Gifts for Every Reader

From steamy reads that are sure to heat things up to classics you always meant to read, these books will bring plenty of good cheer this holiday season.


Rereading A Christmas Carol with a Fresh Perspective in 2017

Almost everyone has read A Christmas Carol - it is a classic, after all. But not many people reread it, and as an adult in 2017, it has a whole new meaning.


17 Best Books on Christmas to Read This Holiday Season

A mix of classic tales and new releases, these seventeen Christmas books are sure to please every reader this holiday season.


The Hate U Give Has Been Banned From Schools In Texas

Also in the news: Facebook bans "hateful" comments against sex abusers, and the BBC reminds us why we love to hate Ebeneezer Scrooge. It's your Daily Blunt!