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The Best Books of September 2017: From Salman Rushdie to Alice Waters

The best books hitting shelves September 2017 include new fiction from Salman Rushdie and Celeste Ng, memoir from Adam Gopnik and Alice Waters, and more.


5 Americans Who Rediscovered the Joie de Vivre in Paris

Who doesn't still fantasize about tossing out the Dockers and quitting the 9-5 to rediscover our joie de vivre in Paris? Here’s a list of memoirs by Americans (and one Canadian) who did just that -- for a while, at least.


Who Wrote It? Name These Author Quotes from ‘Americans in Paris’

This week our Who Wrote It quiz is derived from the delightful anthology Americans in Paris. It's your turn to guess which literary Francophiles had these things to say about Paris and its people.


Truth, Consequence, and Complicity at The Moth

We attended the Moth premiere, in its seventeenth season, at New York's Town Hall. Joanna Scutts retells her experience at the live event, listening to stories moving, lucid and confessional by nature, that "entangle" their listeners in the lives of the storyteller.


Lifers: Biographers and Memoirists at The New Yorker Festival (Part 2 of 2)

The New Yorker Festival, an annual live-streamed celebration of ideas and the arts, runs October 5 through 7, 2012 in New York City (last minute tickets still available). See below for Signature’s second installment of Lifers: Biographers and Memoirists at The New Yorker Festival, and check out part one, posted yesterday.