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For the Millennials Who Feel Overwhelmed: 15 Books on Adulting

If you're a millennial and you feel like the world is working against you, have no fear. We've compiled this list of books to help you with adulting.


Reading Children’s Literature as an Adult with Fresh (Tear-Stained) Eyes

Bruce Handy's Wild Things encourages reading children’s books as an adult, and here, he shares strong emotions he's experienced with children's stories.


Coming of Age and Literature: The Power of Reading as an Adolescent

Kathleen Anne Kenney explains why reading is crucial for adolescents, and gets personal as she talks about how books impacted her as she was growing up.


The Return to Childhood: Growing Older, Not Growing Up

Author Francesca Segal felt more grown-up in her adolescent years than she does now as an adult, and suspects she's not the only one that feels this way.


All Grown Up: Jami Attenberg on Adulthood, Choices, and Writing

New York Times bestselling author Jami Attenberg joins Signature to discuss her writing process, adulthood, and new novel, All Grown Up,