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Read the Classics Through Another’s Point of View with These 5 Memoirs

These five compelling memoirs revisit timeless classics and offer readers a unique perspective on the well-known stories.


Through the Imagination and Beyond: 4 Tips to Transport Your Reader

Debut author Bianca Marais offers tips for transporting readers through their imagination to places they've never been before.


Get Shark Drunk and Get Past the Bum Rap of Sharks

Sharks have certainly gotten a bum rap over the years. Here's a chance to get to the real bones of this creature - and a chance to win the book Shark Drunk!


Batten Down the Hatches: 8 Great Adventure Stories

Adventure stories thrill us endlessly. Here we offer up a few of our favorites from literature for your own reading pleasure.


‘The Lost City of Z’ Is Much More Than a Great Adventure Movie

‘The Lost City of Z,’ adapted from the book by David Grann, is already proving to be worthy of awards chatter. Here’s our review.


Above the Wheels: The Best Car Race Scenes of All Time

Martin Walker, author of the Bruno Chief of Police novels, runs through his favorite car race scenes of all time -- and why they're the best.