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An Expert’s Look at the Complex Future of Technology and War

Robert Latiff, a veteran, author, and director of Intelligence Community Programs, shares his insights on the future of war and technology in our country.


The 10 Best History Books This Fall

How did we get here, as a society and as individuals, and what might come next? All questions these ten fall history books can help us answer.


On Hamid Karzai, His Brothers, and the Future of Afghanistan

Former Washington Post Kabul bureau chief Joshua Partlow joins Signature to discuss the United States’ relationship with Hamid Karzai and his brothers.


Weekend Reading: Planetary Life, Violence in Kabul, and More

This weekend, discover life on other planets, pray for those hurt in the American University of Afghanistan Kabul and in the earthquake in Italy, and more.


David Gilkey, Zabi Tamanna, and the Need for War Reporting

Former State Department official J. Kael Weston reflects on the last conversation he had with NPR’s David Gilkey – who was killed alongside Zabi Tamanna in Afghanistan in early June – and the ongoing dangers of and necessity for wartime journalism.


4 Lessons Homer’s Odyssey Can Teach Us About Returning from War

Bryan Doerries, author of The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan, discusses the relevance that Homer's the Odyssey has to American veterans today.