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The Devastation of the AIDS Epidemic Explored Through Fiction

There are certain cultural traumas that are so devastating that they are best explored in fiction. These novels each take on the AIDS epidemic.


Gladys Kalibbala Reminds Us That One Person Can Make a Difference

We're taking a moment to appreciate the selfless work of Gladys Kalibbala, a woman who is changing lives through her endless compassion and generosity.


Designer Dilemma: Why Are U.S. and British Book Covers So Different?

The UK cover of Hillary Clinton's What Happened brings to light the ongoing issue with British book covers. This and more in today's Daily Blunt.


Lessons We Still Haven’t Learned From AIDS: A Q&A with David France

David France, author of How to Survive a Plague, considers the many ways our world has changed since the AIDS crisis -- and the unfortunate ways it hasn't.


Daniel Radcliffe Courted for ‘Cursed Child’ Film Adaptation

Daniel Radcliffe's distance from Harry Potter, a look back at an affecting response to the AIDS crisis, and more in today's roundup.


From Pity to Fear: The Unending Stigma of HIV/AIDS

For Sean Strub, author of Body Counts, the Charlie Sheen debacle gives the public a chance to join conversations already in progress about HIV/AIDS stigma.