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From Dillard to Baldwin: 10 of the Best Essay Collections to Read Now

These are some of the best essay collections worth your time, covering issues of politics, race, society, nature, religion, relationships, and beyond.


A Land of Thieves: 14 Quotes on Treachery and Treason

We've got things like treachery and treason on the mind - as did these remarkable authors from throughout history, from Albert Camus to Anais Nin.


Apocalypse Now (Please): 16 Quotes in Anticipation of Judgment Day

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Anti-Christ, 1895 “One must not let oneself be misled: they say ‘Judge not!’ but they send to Hell everything that stands in their way.” Harper Lee, To


Photographs of Novelists as Young Men: Spillane, Camus, and Joyce

Stephen Amidon explains how his career path was shaped by his happening upon three author photographs. One of Mickey Spillane, one of Albert Camus, and one of James Joyce.


Epicurus, Camus, a Little Hedonism, and One Gratifying Day

Daniel Klein, author of Travels with Epicurus, joins Signature to discuss his life spent studying philosophy, and how it has led him, through the hedonism of Epicurus and the existentialism of Camus, to the fulfilling life he enjoys today.


6 Degrees of Infatuation: An Ode to Frisky French Writers

We're celebrating this Valentine's Day by going to the crossroads of Letters and Love: Paris, France. Join us as we trace the "six degrees of Simone de Beavoir," a writer who oversaw (and partook in) the incestuous, tangled love affairs of France's best and brightest.