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David Thomson on ‘Psycho’ and the Playful Cruelty of Hitchcock

Want to geek out over classic films? Watch David Thomson talk about the rewatchability of "Psycho" and the playfully cruel ways of Alfred Hitchcock.


New Tippi Hedren Memoir Alleges Hitchcock Sex Assault

Tippi Hedren alleges sexual assault in her new memoir, Tom Cruise takes on Methuselah, and more. It's Halloween - and this is your Daily Blunt.


Scared Litless: 13 Best Horror Movies for Literary Types

Looking for the best horror movies based on books? We’ve got you covered, cine-bibliophiles.


Dog Days Daze: 10 Series to Binge Right Now

There are a lot of things to enjoy about summer – the Fourth of July, grilling out in the backyard, the beach. One of the more unfortunate drawbacks of these hotter months, however, is the relative


Tough Guys and Daring Dames: 10 Essentials of 1950s Noir

The 1950s served as a great decade for noir cinema. Where to begin to watch the best? We’ve got you covered.


Immersive Autumn: 10 Films Essential to the Fall Season

With fall well under way, we’re looking at films from the past that make us nostalgic for autumn.