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An Ode to the Everlasting Magic of Alice Hoffman

Alice Hoffman's books have created a special kind of magic that will never die. Each book is an entry into a new world that mirrors our own.


Director: Practical Magic Film Was Literally Cursed

A witch dooms a Hollywood adaptation, Yale students broaden their horizons, and Wonder Woman goes toe-to-toe with Pennywise. All in today's news roundup!


By Hecate! 11 Quotes About The Power of Witches

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? Either way, these authors have made a strong case for the term as a badge of strength and honor.


O Fortuna! Quotes to Consider On Friday the 13th

According to legend, Friday the 13th is a day for playing it safe, as accidents and tragedies are far more likely to occur. Live on the wild side with us.


7 Books Martin Scorsese Should Adapt Immediately

Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of our time and we’d love to see him take any of these seven books to screen.