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Best Books to Take You Back to the ’80s When You’re Feeling Nostalgic

The best books of the 1980’s ranged from disturbingly prescient dystopian horrors to heartrending sagas, escapist yarns, and everything in between.


Feds Fine No Easy Day Author $7M For Breach of NDA

Also in the news: Does "Call Me By Your Name" count as a gay film? Is there a special place in hell for serial comma users? It's your Daily Blunt!


Nothing Unnatural: 9 Quotes In Praise of Queer Sex

LGBTQ individuals are often so embroiled in defending their basic rights that it's easy to overlook the simple, human pleasures of queer sex.


11 Eye-opening Reads to Understand LGBTQ Issues Today

We've got an eye toward literature as we begin to celebrate Gay Pride Month. Here are eleven reads we feel are essential to understand LGBTQ issues today.


Better To Speak: 11 Quotes Honoring Black Poetry Day

On Black Poetry Day, excerpts from celebrated poets who've concocted ways to inspire, humble, amuse, and terrify us anew, with just a few well-chosen words.


Mary Shelley’s Shadow: 12 Macabre Quotes From Female Authors

In honor of Mary Shelley's 219th birthday, here's a pack of hair-raising quotes from women who've upheld the tradition of confounding expectations.