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Don’t Hide the Madness: 8 Quotes Honoring Gay Pride Month

Kick off Gay Pride month and "follow your inner moonlight" (in Allen Ginsberg's words) with these 8 quotes celebrating the importance of being different.


The Beats, Revisited: The Shifting Legacy of a Literary Generation

The question of whether the Beats have aged well is a lingering one, and it’s also one that will vary from reader to reader.


Make Your Lives Extraordinary: 5 Influential Literary Cliques

As this list suggests, we're long overdue for a new witty social literary pack. Who's in?


From Austen to Poe, Dickens to Doyle: A Book Lover’s Guide to Spotify

If you're still using Spotify just for music you don't know what you're missing! Here's your guide to classics and poetry read by great actors and authors alike.


Off the Road, On the Page: Starter Reading on Jack Kerouac’s Life

This week we're celebrating Jack Kerouac's birthday, born March 12, 1922, by recommending some of our favorite biographies and memoirs about the man, the myth, the writing legend.


Incognito and Daring: Beat Biographer Barry Miles on William S. Burroughs

In his new book Call Me Burroughs, Barry Miles brings the story behind this would-be invisible man into sharp focus, doing his subject justice and giving readers the great gift of a clear look at an important artist.