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The Kennedys: Fact or Fiction

How well do you know the Kennedys? Author Kerri Maher separates the facts from fiction as they relate to her heroine, Kick Kennedy and her iconic family.


Who Was Benjamin Rush? The Story of the Forgotten Founding Father

Founding father Benjamin Rush has been largely forgotten. Here's why you probably don't know who he is, and what he did for the United States.


Here’s What Michael Burden’s Story Has to Do with Race Relations Today

On March 1, 1996, Michael Burden and John Howard opened a “Redneck Shop and ‘World’s Only’ KKK Museum” in Laurens, South Carolina.


Dr. Joseph Warren, the Forgotten Founding Father

What comes to mind when you hear "founding father"? Christian Di Spigna shares history about Dr. Joseph Warren, a founding father long forgotten.


11 Types of Log Cabins That Weren’t Homes

Andrew Belonsky, author of Log Cabin, dives into the history behind 11 types of log cabins that were historically used for things other than homes.


The Search for Harriet Hemings, Thomas Jefferson’s Black Daughter

Historian Catherine Kerrison discusses her research into the daughter Thomas Jefferson had with his slave Sally Hemings.