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They Don’t Just Act: 18 Celebrities With Books That Are Worth a Read

These celebrities don't just act - they also write. From Tom Hanks to Mindy Kaling, these celebrities have all written fantastic books.


Election as Entertainment: 15 Musts to See and Read

If the state of the U.S. presidential election has got you down, chin up and check out one of these alternate political realities in our election as entertainment guide.


The Horse’s Mouth: 5 Must-Listen Celeb-read Memoirs

Ardent audiobook fan Lisa Rosman pays homage to a genre that keeps her coming back for more – celeb-read audio memoirs.


Completely Off Pitch: Jason Moore’s ‘Sisters’ Falls Oh So Short

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey’s latest collaboration, ‘Sisters,’ fell far short of meeting our reviewer’s expectations.


Creative Duos: 3 Partnerships That Have Changed Pop Culture

The same way Rodgers and Hammerstein go together, so too should Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, or the lesser-known Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski.


The ‘Parks and Recreation’ Bibliography: 21 Tomes of Pawnee

As we mourn the end of 'Parks and Recreation,' let's recap the full list of books embraced by Leslie Knope et al.