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Weekend Rec: Artemis, Andy Weir's Follow-Up to The Martian

Need something to read this weekend? We recommend Andy Weir's latest novel, Artemis. If you loved The Martian, (movie OR book), you'll love Artemis.


12 Conversation-Worthy Books to Help Avert Holiday Dinner Disaster

Don't wanna talk Trump over turkey? Wiggle out of any holiday conversation crisis by pivoting to a perfectly neutral topic. The following books should help!


The Best Books of November 2017: From Alec Baldwin to John Banville

The best books hitting shelves in November 2017 range from a spoof Donald Trump "autobiography" to a continuation of Henry James's classic by John Banville.


10 Must-read Nonfiction Books for the Fiction Fan

We’re looking at ten fabulous contemporary novels – and the perfect nonfiction books readers should turn to for their next great read.


Real Science: A Q&A with ‘The Martian’ Writer Drew Goddard

We caught up with Drew Goddard, screenwriter of 'The Martian,' to talk about science, writing, and more.


Alien Concept: Cinematic Science Done Right and Why It Matters

As we’re reminded with ‘The Martian,’ there’s more to the need for true science on film than meets the eye.