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Web-Winged and Furious: 11 Quotes About Bats

Bats can be spooky, cute, or even both -- and many authors have taken a crack at capturing their allure. Here are our favorite quotes about bats.


10 Books to Read If You Love Camping and the Outdoors

Spring is ideal for breaking out tents, lacing up hiking boots, and brushing up on those fire-starting skills. Here are some books to help you do just that.


A Purr-fect Selection: 14 Best Books for Cat Lovers to Read Right Meow

Spanning fiction and nonfiction, these books are perfect for cat lovers everywhere, and for everyone who is a cat lover, but just doesn't know it yet.


A Conversation with Nate Blakeslee, author of American Wolf

Nate Blakeslee, author of American Wolf, speaks with us about his inspiration for the book, his opinions on hunting, the endangered species list, and more.


Werewolf Be Damned: The True Story of the American Wolf

In his new book, American Wolf, Nate Blakeslee offers much-needed insight into a much-misunderstood creature that has a long history in the U.S.


Why You Should Adopt a Resue Dog Instead of Going to a Puppy Mill

Peter Zheutlin, author of Rescued, makes the case for adopting rescue dogs and giving them a forever home as opposed to going to breeders.