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SN2K: ‘Boy Erased’ Trailer Tackles Conversion Therapy, and More

Also in this week's Signature Need-to-Know: Tomi Adeyemi's upsetting encounter with law enforcement, and Anne Rice brings her hit franchise home to Hulu.


Exorcise This: 15 Literary Quotes About Possession

Amidst a worldwide resurgence in the practice of exorcism, we turn to literature for insights into the eternal battle between good and evil.


The Vegetarian Translator Addresses Her Critics

Also in the news: Anne Rice finds a showrunner for her Vampire Chronicles, and we get our first peek at HBO's "Fahrenheit 451." It's your Daily Blunt!


By Hecate! 11 Quotes About The Power of Witches

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch? Either way, these authors have made a strong case for the term as a badge of strength and honor.


The Abyss Gazes Back: 13 Quotes On What Makes A Monster

What's left to fear besides ourselves? Quotes on our relationship with our own monstrousness, which is a slippery one, requiring constant vigilance.


Glory in Blood: Read LitHub’s Compilation of Virginia Woolf’s Sickest Burns

We've got our eyes on everything from Virginia Woolf's smackdowns, Anne Rice's writing lessons, and more - all here in our Daily Blunt.