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Max Tegmark Shares 3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Our Future

Max Tegmark, author of Life 3.0 and physics professor at MIT, looks at three ways A.I. is changing our future, and how we can have the best future possible.


How Technological Advancements Will Shape the Future of the Battlefield

This excerpt from Robert Latiff's Future War looks at how future technological advancements will change virtually every aspect of war as we know it.


The Good and the Bad of Artificial Intelligence: 10 Need-to-Know Facts

1. AI is coming for your job. To safeguard your career, go for jobs that machines are bad at – involving people, unpredictability and creativity. Avoid careers about to get automated away, involv


The Inevitable: An Interview with Kevin Kelly on the Future of Technology

Kevin Kelly discusses the powerful impact of technological forces on our future, and the skills we will need to thrive in the new world of innovation.


Thinking Machines: 7 of the Best Books on Artificial Intelligence

These seven books on artificial intelligence guide you through the history and the future of robotics, AI, body modification, the Singularity, and more.


Beyond Terminator: 3 Stories That Get Artificial Intelligence Right

John Havens, author of Heartificial Intelligence, lists 3 films that believably capture AI in ways that shine a light on our own society.