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Take Fear By the Hand: 3 Fears That Writers Can Use for Inspiration

Meera Lee Patel, author of My Friend Fear, knows that you must take fear by the hand. Here, she shares three fears that can inspire writers.


Amedeo Modigliani Continues to Remind Us of the Power of Art

Modigliani's art reminds us that extraordinary creative work that can arise despite - and to spite - repressive political climates.


Great Things Take Time: On Failure and the Creative Process

Artist and author Adam J. Kurtz knows what it's like to feel defeated creatively. His latest book explores how to deal with failure in a constructive way.


Joni Mitchell Among Alien Artist Spies

In "Joni: The Creative Odyssey of Joni Mitchell," Katherine Monk examines the paradox of Mitchell’s prominent place “at the very top of the pop culture wave as the ultimate California girl—a small irony for a prairie kid from Canada.”


Van Gogh and Gauguin: A Friendship Gone Awry

The excellent biography of Vincent Van Gogh by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith is out in paperback. This doesn’t make the 900+ page book exactly perfect for subway reading, but it's a welcome development in making this definitive tome more accessible to readers. According to The Guardian, this “Van Gogh biography [is] exhaustive enough to recalibrate everything ever written by or about him.”


David Hockney, Young Eccentric: A Visual Take by Nathan Gelgud

Brooklyn-based illustrator Nathan Gelgud interprets "David Hockney: The Biography" by Christopher Simon Sykes.