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O Fortuna! Quotes to Consider On Friday the 13th

According to legend, Friday the 13th is a day for playing it safe, as accidents and tragedies are far more likely to occur. Live on the wild side with us.


You’re On: 11 Quotes Showing the Power of Theater

This week’s annual Tony Awards ceremony has some pretty big shoes to fill: thanks to “Hamilton,” 2016’s enjoyed the highest ratings in 15 years. However, one thing that remain


Have We Really Solved the Oscars So White Problem?

There's a much stronger non-white presence in this year's Oscar nominations, so Oscars-so-white is over, right? Actually, not quite...


The Making of August Wilson, from Poet to Pulitzer Playwright

August Wilson, Fences playwright, was a titan of the American stage who was himself as fascinating a character as any of his inventions.


Denzel Washington Dims Star to Stunning Results in ‘Fences’

What’s the difference between an actor and a star – and where does Denzel Washington fit in to that equation? Let’s look at Fences to find out.


Sales Soar for 1998 Richard Rorty ’16 Election-predicting Book

Richard Rorty's 1998 crazy-accurate 2016 election predictions, Viola Davis better start shopping for that Oscar dress, and more in today's Daily Blunt.