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Getting a Grip: 11 Literary Quotes About Hands

Hands are one of our species' defining traits - hence our symbolic obsession. Here are some quotes about hands by authors who've explored this phenomenon.


Adventures in Writing: 10 Stunt Memoirs That Shook Up Writers’ Lives

These 10 memoirs by Colson Whitehead, David Foster Wallace, Barbara Kingsolver, and more detail spans of time during which writers upended their lives.


9 Quotes About The Library As A Temple

Despite the profanity they may house, libraries have always been sacred spaces. The following authors want you to understand why.


We Are Biology: 10 Women Writing About Science

Excluded for far too long, women have fought for inclusion in every scientific field. Here are some words from those who've written on the subject.


Bring It, 2018! 12 Quotes About Remaining Hopeful

New Year, new fears -- but also, the kind of hope that survives long stretches of darkness. The following quotes may strike sparks that light your way.


O Fortuna! Quotes to Consider On Friday the 13th

According to legend, Friday the 13th is a day for playing it safe, as accidents and tragedies are far more likely to occur. Live on the wild side with us.