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Young Benjamin Franklin’s Boyhood Heroes

Young Benjamin Franklin, aka "the boy," was driven to success despite great hardships he faced while growing up. Here were some of his boyhood heroes.


Pumpkin Piety: 9 Quotes About American Puritanism

In the story of our nation's beginnings, the Puritans represent just one small slice of the pie-chart. Why does their influence still loom so large?


The Secret Meeting of Ben Franklin, His Son, and a Lawyer

There’s a little-known piece of history featuring Ben Franklin, his son, and lawyer Joseph Galloway that very much shaped this nation’s past.


6 Great H.W. Brands Books for American History Buffs

H.W. Brands's books tell the story of America's evolution, from the founding fathers to our economy to the very dreams our country is built on.


How the Post Office Created America: A History of Snail Mail

Winifred Gallagher, author of How the Post Office Created America, sat down with Signature to discuss the history of the postal system in the United States.


Revolt! 5 Biographies of American Upstarts, Rebels and Renegades

Sometimes saying 'no' starts a war. Check out these biographies, from the Marquis to Franklin, to brush up on American history's most irreplaceable Revolutionary heroes (and anti-heroes) who backed that 'no' with conviction.