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Biographies We Need: Kent Haruf and His Resilience to Write Onwards

When writer Kent Haruf faced repeated rejection, he mustered the humility and confidence to keep working on his craft. It's a story we could all learn from.


Biographies We Need: Peter Matthiessen, Novelist and Naturalist

A biography of Peter Matthiessen would by necessity elude some of the conventions of the form, but given the vitality of his work, that seems entirely appropriate.


Miyazaki’s Missing Biography: Sketching the Life of a Master Animator

On the eve of Miyazaki's potential retirement, now might be the perfect moment -- maybe the only one -- for a biographer to reach out to Miyazaki and write the definitive biography of the master animator and storyteller.


David Letterman, We’d Like to Know Ye: The Late Show Biography We Need

Upon the news of the final date for Dave Letterman's 'Late Night' run, we can't help but ask: Where is the bio we need for this enigmatic icon?


The Freest Spirit: The Much-Needed Biography of George Whitman

The mark of George Whitman's distinctive bohemianism is noticeable the moment you step inside Shakespeare & Company. Now, it's time to tell Whitman's life story not through the doors of his store but through the pages of his own biography.


Biographies We Need: The Enchanting Life and Work of Margaret Atwood

The only thing missing from Atwood’s resume is subject of literary biography, an oversight that is in need of correction. If the human race perseveres another hundred years, there’s no doubt we’ll be reading the work of this elegant modern dancer of the page.