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Biographies We Need: The Tireless Work Ethic of Joan Rivers

A sensitive biographer who could probe beneath the shock-tactics and the shtick might show us a side of Joan Rivers we’ve never seen -- and tell readers something about what we found funny, and why, during the run of her extraordinary career.


Biographies We Need: The Boundless Soul of Robin Williams

The apparent suicide of Robin Williams became immediate fodder for endless media speculation about his mental and physical health at the time of his death. We need a biography of Robin Williams, one that focuses not on how he died, but how he lived.


Biographies We Need: Bringing Context to the Life of George S. Trow

George S. Trow -- media critic, essayist and New Yorker staff writer -- became the victim of his own genius. His full life remains mostly unknown. Consider this our official request for a George Trow biography.


Biographies We Need: The Delightful Drollery of Fran Lebowitz

Fran Lebowitz is, by her own admission, more famous for not writing than for writing. But her wit and effortless insights have us begging for a full-length biography (or memoir!) on the eccentric New Yorker.


At Long Last, Garfield the Cat Exposed in Tell-All ‘Like Water for Lasagna’

What if Garfield were real? And what if his life was finally chronicled for the world to read: from his adoption and hardscrabble upbringing to his frequent pizza binges? Imagine no more, because we're doing it for you.


More Conscious Than Ever: Historian Tony Judt and His Much-Needed Biography

Later in life, when historian Tony Judt became confined to a wheelchair due to Lou Gehrig's Disease, he told NPR, his death "won't mean anything to me. But it will mean a lot to them." And indeed, it does.