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Biographies We Need: Decoding the Cipher that is Thomas Pynchon

Thomas Pynchon needs a biography. The mysterious post-modern master usually lets his work do the talking, but now we're begging to see an answer to the elusive question: Who is Thomas Pynchon?


Biographies We Need: Judy Blume, Our Patron Saint of True Adolescence

Blume wrote with daring and courage, discussing adolescence without folding to 'age-appropriate' material. For this she should be celebrated. But her characters are what stay with us, and this is why we need a biography, starring Judy Blume, as herself.


In a House, With a Mouse: We’ll Read a New Dr. Seuss Biography Anywhere

The only adult biography of Dr. Seuss, by his longtime friends, concentrates on the details of his life, overlooking his cultural significance. We'd like a full, honest, critical, and wide-reaching biography of Dr. Seuss: we would read it in a house, we would read it with a mouse, we would read it here or there, we would read it, anywhere.


In Our Battle Against Forgetting, Let’s Remember Milan Kundera

In some ways, biographies are not just testaments to a seasoned life, but efforts among the living to battle the power of forgetfulness. Milan Kundera, who often writes about the battle between memory and forgetting, would likely agree. Perhaps that reason alone is enough to demand a comprehensive biography of the Czech Republic's (and France's) great literary master, Milan Kundera.


Biographies We Need: Tom Wolfe, Master of the Literary Universe

Rising from a job in journalism to writing meticulously detailed novels, beginning with his best-selling Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom Wolfe has become a quirky, irreverent literary icon. For decades, Wolfe has shared incredible stories with the world. Now’s the time for someone to tell the story of this man, in full.


Story of a Wild Thing: Maurice Sendak and His Missing Biography

Maurice Sendak: Accomplished artist. Incredible storyteller. Irascible man. His talent, and his mercurial personality, leave us wondering why this unforgettable children's writer has yet to be honored with a definitive biography. In short order, we explain why he should.