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The Cosmic Perspective: 10 Stirring Quotes By Carl Sagan

Wherever he is now, Carl Sagan turns 83 this week. We're celebrating by combing his literary canon for key insights into the fate of humankind.


Close Encounters of the Bookish Kind: 10 of the Best Alien Books

As we approach the fortieth anniversary of ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind,’ we’ve got alien books on the mind. Here are ten of the best ever.


ICYMI: NY Times Devotes Entire Page to Langston Hughes Poem

The weekend was big for civil rights in ways both good and bad, orbiting back to the NASA-sent alien-bound gold record, and more - all in today's Daily Blunt.


MPAA Rules Michael Moore Doc Too Hot For Teen Viewers

Controversy surrounding the MPAA rating for the latest from Michael Moore, an in-the-works biopic of Carl Sagan, and more.


NYC Students Offered Free 'Selma' Tickets, More Cities to Follow

Free 'Selma' tickets are going quick, Gloria Steinem's literary essay series, and more in our Monday Daily Blunt.


To Boldly Go: 'Interstellar' & 6 Big-Think Outer Space Movies

Inspired by 'Interstellar,' here are some other outer space movies that inspire big thinking.