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Carrie: The Musical Rides Again, Thanks to Riverdale

Also in the news: Another posthumous Tolkien release, and the birth of Chicago's Wakanda Con. It's your Daily Blunt!


10 Books That Remind Us of the Best and Worst Parts of High School

Because high school is a near universal experience, it’s not surprising that myriad books have been written about it. Here are the top 10.


The 12 Best Stephen King Adaptations, Ranked

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to pass judgment on what we deem the twelve best Stephen King adaptations, chosen from a canon chock-full of cinematic gold.


What Stephen King Can Still Teach Us About Bullying

Here’s the thing about King’s bullied heroes: they don't make it. In most cases they became monsters themselves, twisted by suffering and rage.


The Wisdom of Stephen King in 16 Quotes

For his birthday, we're revisiting 16 Stephen King quotes, strewn like flecks of gold throughout long, absorbing (and often quite gruesome) manuscripts.


How Stephen King’s Childhood Writing Trick Turned Into Our Treat

Writer-illustrator Nathan Gelgud interprets Stephen King's 'On Writing' and explains the influence schlocky horror films had on the budding writer.